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September Newsletter 2019

The NC TLC Trust has had a very busy summer. We were absolutely delighted to attend the Hollowell Steam Engine and Heavy Horse show again this year. Our stand was up throughout the day so between activities visitors could come and see what we do. Also the same weekend, the Interact Club of Northampton Academy and the Rotary E-Club hosted an elegant ballroom competition on our behalf. The routines and costumes were just stunning! Thank you to Jasmine Woods for putting the event together and hosting it for us. We are very grateful for your efforts!

The same weekend in July, Ian Hogan and family, along with one of our sponsors Semilong Services, hosted a Band Raffle at the Kingsley Park Working Men’s Club in memory of Teresa Hogan. We would like to thank Ian, Sean, Karlie and all of the Hogan family for your support over the years, and thanks to all your supporters who came out to the event on the day. They raised an incredible £11,692.95 for the NC TLC Trust which will help so many of our children and families.

The NC TLC Trust would also like to thank Judy Webb and the Rotary Club for your donation of £2400.00 from the It’s A Knockout and Funfest. We sincerely appreciate all the planning and preparation that went into the event. Your kindness and generosity means the world to us.

Thank you to Scott Bader Company Ltd and James McTaggart for choosing the NC TLC Trust as your chosen charity. We are very grateful for the £200.00 you donated to us, which will help our children fighting cancer.

A big thank you goes out to Gavin Simpson who participated in the London Prudential 100 for us, cycling approximately 86 miles in total after some truly horrific crashes and accidents that happened at the event on the 4th of August. Thank you Gavin for supporting our cause! We appreciate the time and effort you put in.

A massive thank you goes out to Graeme Chilvers and Mark Dickinson of Team Daisy the Tandem who also cycled to raise funds for the NC TLC Trust! We are so grateful that you have supported and rode for us for another year! Your kindness is appreciated by all of us here at the Trust.

Group photo at Hardwick Park

Group photo at Hardwick Park

Our charity children and their families also participated in a couple of family events this summer. Hardwick Park wasPool fun photo a fun-filled camping weekend for our families, complete with water sports. We would like to thank Hina Patel from Barton Food and Wine for donating the sausage rolls and steak slices for our families. They went down a treat and kept the children energised for playing in the water. Thank you to Justin Burge for donating the inflatables which were hugely popular with the children at the pool. A big thank you to Tim Hines from Office Options who also donated £1000.00 to pay for the water sports on the day. The families participated in a range of events like ringos, mastercraft, kayaking and much more! We are very grateful you could help make this possible Tim! We would also like to thank our volunteers Barbara, Sarah and Jo for coming to help with the event. It was truly a weekend to remember for everyone.

The NC TLC Trust was also invited to participate in The Sporting Bears Race Day event again this year on the 3rd of August. Our families had the opportunity to race around the Rockingham race track in sleek super cars, like McLarensChild in Mclaren and Ferraris, fulfilling dreams of older and younger guests alike! It was a day that was thoroughly enjoyed by all of our families. Thank you so much to Andrew Lake and The Sporting Bears for thinking of us again this year. We appreciate your generosity!

Many of our families will also be travelling to our charity caravan in Mablethorpe to enjoy a relaxing time away from hospitals. There are plenty of activities for them to enjoy and it is just a short drive to the seaside.

What is truly wonderful about the events that we plan for our families is that they get the chance to spend quality time together as a family, away from all the needles and treatments, and they also get to spend time together as a community going through the same things. Children and adults alike get to make friends for life.Family in boat

Please donate to help the NC TLC Trust continue its mission to provide support, grants and respite to our families and all those families who are finding out that their child has cancer. Your support would make a difference in the lives of our children.

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