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Newsletter June 2018

We bet you can almost feel summer on some days. Things seem to be easier to be done or achieved when you know the Sun has your back ;).

We have some big thank yous to give out this month. A huge thank you to Mark Dickinson & Graeme Chilvers from Daisy the Tandem charity who are riding in the Prudential 100 London to Surrey for our charity in July. What an amazing thing to do! Also,  Aimee Knight – a big thank you for collecting £55 for our charity during the amazing Masquerade event at Borjia venue.


We would like to thank you to Earls Barton & Penvale Park Medical Centre for your kind donation of £142, and to Car Shop for your donation of £353.27 and ongoing

support, this is truly appreciated. We would like also to give a big thank you to our amazing supporter Michelle Mateer from Loving Hands for her beautiful, colourful Hickman Bags! We have sent them to Children Cancer Wards in Northampton, Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester hospitals.


We are so very proud of little Josh and his sister Phoebe Humphreys who did for our charity Manchester 2.5k and 1.5k run this month. These warriors were amazing and smashed their target. Our Josh & Phoebe wanted this funding to go towards their charity caravan, or their Christmas Fantasy Trip. Josh was diagnosed in 2009 with a brain tumour and his journey is still ongoing after numerous brain surgeries, 18 Months of chemotherapy and many more hospital appointments. Along the way he has lost many special friends which have spurred him on to raise money for little charities along the way. Josh was running with his frame as it was a massive distance for him to run as he is extremely wobbly and will get tired very quickly. His sister Phoebe always wants to support Josh in his charity work so wanted to run her own race. A huge heartfelt thank you to their Mum – Lisa Humphreys.

A big shout out to amazing ladies: Chantelle Sparks, Rebecca Sparks, Amy Sparks and Maria Sparks. They are running a Colour rush 2018 on the 2nd June 2018 to support our charity. If you like to boost the donation, please go to:


We are happy to announce our Allotment Plan for this year. Please let us know if you are interested and would like to take part:


Sunday 24th 10.00-12.00 – project day


Sunday 8th 10.00-12.00 – general garden activities

Sunday 22nd 10.00-12.00 – project day


Sunday 5th 10.00-12.00 – general garden activities

Saturday 18th 12.00 – 3.00 BBQ/fun day


Sunday 2nd 10.00-12.00 – general garden activities

Saturday 15th 10.00-12.00 – general garden activities

We as a charity are pleased & so very happy and proud to announce, that with thanks to Geraldine Birch, Laura Birch, Charlene, Paul, Darryl and the Birch family we all have purchased our replacement Caravan in Mablethorpe. It is an 8 birth 3 bedroom caravan, to replace our East Sussex one that is due to be closed at the end of this season after 8 years. This one more accessible to all of our families and we have more amenities for them to enjoy. It will be sited at Grange Park Leisure Club LN12 1NE. Mablethorpe Seafront & Beach has great amenities on site and is 4 miles away from donkey rides, bars park, funfair, touring caravans, Londis Supermarket, Show Bar, restaurants, Costa Coffee, a small arcade and entertainment on site. At their sister site there is a swimming pool you can use with your passes at Coastfields. We took into account all the things as families that you asked for and hopefully this will be the right choice for everyone. We would like to express a huge heartfelt thank you, to everyone who made this happen, who took part in this very special day and played a part, bid on auction items etc. It’s been raised a whopping 10k at the 10th Anniversary of our Cpl Marc Birch memorial Golf Day. What an absolutely fantastic effort. This is what we have purchased with your money. Thank you to everyone involved, without you we couldn’t do what we do!

Have you bought your tickets yet?  Don’t leave it on the last moment as the tickets are going out fast. We are looking forward to celebrations of our 10th anniversary. We will do our best to make this night full of amazing memories for everyone. All proceeds will go towards Charity Families Christmas Fantasy Trip 2018. Tickets available from:



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