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Newsletter January 2018

One of our main drivers has always been to promote the awareness of Children’s cancer, so this year with it being our 10th year of operation we will be running our “Go for Gold Raising Kids Cancer Awareness” promotion to highlight what symptoms to look out for with children, reveal some national statistics, and share some experiences from our various registered families. Some of the events we will be looking forward to this year include Hollowell, Camping, Disney on Ice, Earls Barton Carnival and starting with a race night, to be held at the Earls Barton Working Mens on 3rd March, with horses for sale now, contact the WMC or our number below.

We would like to thank Rachel Lowton and her team from Nationwide, for their community hours just before Christmas shutdown, wrapping all the presents and organising them in our storeroom. A huge thankyou to young Lydia Mitchell, for helping the charity with administration duties as she undertakes her Duke of Edinburgh Award, good luck Lydia. We mentioned last month about our visit to meet the wonderful QMC team at Nottingham Hospital, and we wanted to announce they will be the beneficiaries from all the funds raised at this year’s Hollywood Oscars Ball, being held on October 20th. Tickets are now on sale through our Facebook page, charity office or our website. We are also hoping to raise enough funds to take all the children to see Santa at his home in the North Pole, more to report on this later on in the year. We also took part in the Christmas Tree Festival, which looked truly beautiful, a huge thankyou to Rosetta of Rosella Bridal Northampton who decorated our tree, and a big thank you to Maureen Charlton of EB, for providing the Christmas tree. We would like to thank everyone that took part in our Christmas jumper day and the onesie day held on January 25th.

A huge thank you for donations to Laura Smith held a Ladies Night in November and raised an amazing £1400, to Give as you Leave which raised £23.32, to Chloe Riches and her team of Opus Energy raised £75.65, to Results Global Marketing team in Brixworth who raised £1059.11, and to Ambivent in Moulton Park who have raised £561.50 through various fundraisers at their premises. We are organising a trip to the Disney World of Enchantment on Ice in March at the NEC in Birmingham, where there has been a large uptake from our families at a cost of £1050.00. This is made possible by the donation from Maria Sparks and the team at Results Global.

News for this year includes having the StrEAT Food Team on board with us, they will be raising funds for our cause. We are also delighted to report that 4 of our families are now using the well-being project service’s through Service 6 in Wellingborough – they offer a counselling service to youngsters, as well as well-being classes. We are sad to report that our charity caravan is coming into its last season down in East Sussex, and to replace it we need at least £46,000. So, we have had to come to the decision that this will be the final year in that location, but will look at more affordable locations, more about that soon as this is an important part of family time and respite.

Finally, we’re collecting for our hospitals, toothpaste, flannels, toothbrushes, soap, baby wipes, shampoos, etc, for our buddy packs to help the costs on the wards when families are rushed in and need these essential items. We are actively sourcing London to Surrey 100 Prudential bike riders for 2018, and London half Marathon Runners and volunteers to help us in various events, admin, marketing staff this year as we continue to grow in 2018 with offering Flexible working hours and in pleasant surroundings. Please email

Should you wish to contact the office for further information, please call us on 01604 811025 or email

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