Newsletter February & March 2017

Newsletter February & March 2017

Starting off this year’s news piece with some of the amazing things that happened back in December, as we mentioned in the last newsletter, we were again overwhelmed with the huge array of gifts that found their way to NC TLC Towers. We had the Nationwide Elves come to help wrap Christmas gifts for the children, not only our charity family children but also for the Disney and Gosset Wards at Northampton General Hospital, and to Great Ormond Street Hospital. The elves also helped with putting together the family hampers for the apartments at Butlin’s to keep the families going with the essentials over the fantasy weekend, such as tea, coffee, milk, bread etc. the small things make a huge difference. Thank you so much Taya, Dan, Mel, Craig, Russell, Paula and Clare for everything you did that day, we couldn’t have done it without you. Your hard work was very much appreciated by us and we cannot thank you enough for stepping up yet again.

The families went on their annual Christmas fantasy break this year to Butlin’s Skegness, with each family receiving a small hamper made up from many stores including our local Coop, pack up was provided for the journey from Michelle of Forbells in Earls Barton and transfer by luxury coach with Country Lion. They all had an amazing time with the children taking part in the ice skating, tenpin bowling, a visit to Santa’s grotto, the pantomime Aladdin Rocks (which was excellent),


The families all attended a Christmas dinner in the Yacht Club restaurant, where we welcomed David Glover and his wife Rachel, the atmosphere was lovely, listening to the families laughing and enjoying their time. David and Rachel handed out presents to the charity children and told us all how amazing it felt to be part of such a humbling experience.



Before David left he invited all the children to have a sit in his car, “not very exciting” I hear you say, well it was amazing, a BMW i8, which most of us will only ever dream about owning.

For the first time, last year we held a family Christmas eve party at Earls Barton Working Men’s Club which was a huge success, entertaining 108 guests, with entertainment from a variety of children’s tv characters, including Olaf from Frozen, a storm trooper keeping a close eye on the children and no other than Santa himself! Santa went around and spoke to the children and spent a while with us before popping off to get ready for his busy Christmas Eve deliveries around the world. A raffle for which each child won a prize and a great buffet laid on by Forbells of Earls Barton.

We would like to start our list of thank you’s with WM Morrison’s for the gifts and the cheque for £685. It was these gifts that saw some of the NC TLC team wrapping until Midnight, but if it hadn’t been for the Nationwide Elves helping us out for a big portion of the day we would have been there well into the early hours.

Thank you to Tesco Mereway, staff and customers for their gift donations, these were delivered to our office by Liz Gilson (Services Manager) and Alex Cairns (Community Champion).

Thank you to Tracey Montgomery and the IT department at East Northants Council decided that Secret Santa would give them a miss this year and instead they would all purchase 1 gift each to give to the charity for the children, what a wonderful thing to do guys.

Also, a huge thank you to Barnes Fields Group from Lower Harlestone for the amazing cheque amount of £500 and to Stephanie Munday for the generous donation of Christmas gifts for our charity children.

Thank you to Maria Sparks from Results Global for delivering the remaining Christmas gifts to the charity children who were unable to join us on our annual Fantasy break, Creative Cupcakes held a fun day back in December raising £215, Bodymek had a Christmas hamper and raffled it off selling tickets a £1 per strip, the total amount raised was £177 which they matched, making their donation £354.

Thank You to Allen Eaton MBE from Hollowell Steam Rally invited Janet and Kevin to their Annual Christmas Event and presented them with a cheque for a great amount of £500.

Thank you also goes to Dave Shurville from Signs and Designs Ltd of Earls Barton for the new office signage outside the offices on Baron Close, Claire and John Smith for the 3 birthday cakes donated to give over the Butlin’s weekend, Forbells for their lunch donation for the families who travelled to Butlin’s by coach, DHL for their £821.09 donation, Maria Sparks, Sarah Fowler-Jardine, Emma-Jayne Ward and Sue Lovesy for their gift donations.

Thank you, Co-op Daventry, for the £10 voucher and mince pies, Classic Cakes for the boxes of cakes, Sarah McHowey for the Watches, Necklaces and other gifts, Tesco Daventry for the food supplied for the hampers to go to Butlin’s, Daventry Methodist church again for their donation of £40 and to Falconers Hill Primary School for the support.

Extending our thanks also to “The Crafty Grannies” (Margaret, Jane, Rose, Meryl, Ann and Jenny) of Rushden, Northants, these ladies set up a small group last year to raise money and send out shoe boxes to under privileged children around the world, they managed to send out 21 boxes and still had enough money left over to give to 2 local charities’, NC TLC being one of them received a fantastic £225.


We have been lucky enough to get 4 Gold Ballot places for the Prudential Ride London to Surrey 100 which is taking place on 30th July this year, thank you to Martin Arrissol, Nicky Holdon and Amanda Robinson for taking 3 of the places, we just need one more rider, if you or anyone you know is interested then please get in touch. We will share their fundraising pages once we have them on Facebook and Twitter.

Mark & Dave Rainbow will also be running the London Marathon in aid of the charity on 23rd April 2017, his fundraising page is virginmoneygiving.com/markrainbow

This year looks to be another busy year for the charity so we are looking to recruit an Events Officer and a General Admin Assistant, if you are interested then please give the office a call on 01604 811025 to find out more.

Should you wish to contact the office for further information, please call 01604 811025 or email nctlctrust.enquiries@gmail.com. We are always looking for people who would like to help us.
We wanted to share some of the amazing pictures that we captured over the 2 months.


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