In memory of Corporal Marc Birch

Thinking of our charity Angels

Monday 3rd April 2017

To Gary, Lorna & Family. Today sending our thoughts and healing prayers to the Nix family as we remember such a handsome boy, flying high, we hope Owen is enjoying the playground in the sky.


Corporal Birch was killed in action on 12 December 2008 in Afghanistan on operations with X-Ray Company, 45 Commando Group, Royal Marines.

Marc was part of the Royal Marines for a total of 9 years, during this time he gained considerable operational experience in Sierra Leone, Northern Ireland and Iraq.

He had a cheeky, quirky sense of humour and never failed to see the bright side of life; this combination made him incredibly popular. His gregarious nature was enhanced with the attributes of courage and loyalty.

Marc was a dedicated family man, loving nothing more than spending time with family and friends and living each day to the fullest!

Marc’s wife Charlene is related to Kev, Jan, Casey and TJ and after Marc’s death the decision was made as a family that money raised in Marc’s memory would go towards such a worthy and close to the heart cause, TJ’s charity.

Marc loved seeing TJ and always made such an effort to put a smile on his beautiful face, whether it be playing cars on the floor or just making him laugh.

The same for Casey telling him stories of where he had been and what training he had been doing.

Marc is an inspiration to so many people and his memory will live on forever. Fundraising continues and money raised has since bought a holiday caravan to benefit suffering kids and their families.

Marc paid the ultimate sacrifice for his country, and he will be proud to know a difference is being made helping families and the poor suffering children to give them a better quality of life.

Always in our thoughts, forever in our hearts

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