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June 2019 Newsletter



Marathon runner celebrating

Niki Pinney celebrating her Marathon success

Ricardo Malvaez on the run of his life

There has been a lot going on at the NC TLC Trust over the last few months. Our marathon runners, Ricardo Malvaez and Niki Pinney, completed the London Marathon for us on the 28th of April. Ricardo Malvaez had this to say about the epic race,

‘Having made the decision to run the marathon was a great success in my life, 7 months of training and the commitment to give good results were taking me to the final line, step by step and mile by mile. I fulfilled my commitment to reach the end and returned home with a medal that will always remind me of the feeling of having participated in the London Marathon and my commitment to NC TLC TRUST is not over yet, there is still much more to do, to contribute and to support such a noble cause’.

The NC TLC Trust is so proud of your achievements Niki and Ricardo; you are truly an inspiration to us all.

A Trunki surprise!

We have many thank yous to issue this month. We would like to thank Michelle Halton for your donation of 3 Easter Eggs towards our Easter Egg Appeal in April. We would also like to thank Debbie Hardyman for your donation of 10 Eggs and to Sharon Lucy for your donation of 27 Eggs to the cause. In total, we sent out 57 Easter Eggs and 14 Trunkis, donated to us by Gary Nix and In Transit Services, to all our families, old and new. We have received some wonderful pictures of the children with their Trunkis and Easter Eggs; they have made our warriors and princesses so happy.

Mr J receiving his Easter Egg surprise

We would also like to thank David Kendrick from the Rotary Club of Rushden Chichele for your donation of £1,000.00 towards the Trust. The ongoing support of the Rotary Club means so much to us!

We would like to thank Glenn Nightingale for your generous donation of £185.00. Thank you so much for your support!

A big thank you goes out to our Ambassador Steve Pateman for the 6 tickets he donated to the Santa Pod race weekend in April.

Thank you to Hilary and Robin Hillman for your donation of Easter bonnets towards the charity.

We would also like to thank Stanwick Working Men’s Club for your recent donation of £150.00. Your kindness is appreciated by all of us at the Trust.

A huge thank you to George’s Dream for making Master D’s dream come true!

A very big thank you to George’s Dream in Wellingborough for providing one of our charity children, Master D, with a Rolls Royce for his prom night. We are so gratified for your response to our urgent appeal to help make this young man’s dream come true!

There are lots of events taking place over the next couple months at NC TLC Trust. Our allotment has opened and there are plenty of activities for our families to get involved in. We are also taking our families on a camping trip to Hardwick Park in July for some much needed fun. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to make trips like this possible. We also have many community events that we will be attending. Woodford Halse Sports and Community Club have made us their charity of choice for this year. The proceeds from their Summer Festival, which takes place on the 7th-9th June 2019, will be going to the NC TLC Trust! If you fancy a weekend away camping, or to just go during the day, there are plenty of activities for the whole family. There is live music, stalls, family activities, food stalls, face painting and so much more! The NC TLC Trust will also be at Hollowell Steam Rally 2019, on the 6th-7th of July 2019. Hollowell Steam Rally have been a long-time supporter of the charity, which we are so grateful for. There will be plenty of steam engines, heavy horses, family activities, stalls, competitions and much more! Join us this summer for many of these exciting, local events.


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