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Caring Kindergartens

Caring Kindergartens held a treasure hunt to raise money for the charity, thank you to the charity family who nominated us.

The head of Caring Kindergarten said: “Recently, throughout all Caring Kindergartens, children, parents and staff went on a Treasure Hunt, searching for many clues on the way. It was wonderful to see so many children and the teams dressed up in their amazing costumes, searching for the buried treasures. We also saw lots of brilliant masterpieces with children inspired to create pirate ships, decorate parrots and make their very own treasures. It was a great week for everyone involved and monies raised so far have already hit £1000, with more money still to come in. We are now looking forward to future events in aid of raising money for the NC TLC, a charity that works extremely hard to support and help children and their families with cancer”.

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