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August 2019 Newsletter

Summer has been heating up for the NC TLC Trust! We are so grateful to all of the wonderful people who have hosted or taken part in events for us so far this year. We had an amazing May, with Funfest being hosted by Judy Webb and the Rotary Club of Rushden Chichele, and the Hinton Groundworks Golf Tournament hosted by Oliver Donaghue and Julie Hanna.

In June, we had a couple of fantastic events and presentations from our wonderful supporters. The Woodford Halse Sports and Community Club hosted the Woodford Halse Summer Festival on our behalf. Though the weather was rather cold and wet, so many people turned up to have a great time. There was an excellent line up of musical acts, food and drinks stalls and entertainment for the whole family. We are very grateful to Ian Osbourne who helped to organise this fantastic event. Thank you to all of the WHSCC and to Ian for all of your hard work and dedication to the cause!

A big thank you goes out to Lexi Oakley and the Sunnyside Primary Academy for raising £306.12 from their mufti day for the NC TLC Trust! We are so proud and grateful to all of you for your kindness. There will be lots of children who will benefit from your donation; we truly appreciate your help.

We would like to issue a big thank you to Tim Hines from Office Options who generously donated £1000.00 towards the water sports for our families to enjoy during their camping trip in July. We are so grateful to you for making this fun day possible for our families. The families will be taking part in kayaking, ringos, master craft, paddle boating and so much more. The children will absolutely love it and it will be a welcome break from treatment for so many.

We would also like to thank Justin Burge for gifting the NC TLC Trust large inflatables for the family camping trip. The children will be delighted to play on them!

Thank you to Lindsey Wood and Clare Williams who participated in the UVenture Kettering Obstacle Course and Mud Run during the sweltering heat on Saturday 29th of June. We are so very grateful to you and your supporters! Lindsey and Clare absolutely smashed their target for us and have raised £711.25 so far. Thank you for your incredible support!

We would also really like to express our gratitude to George’s Dream for sponsoring the beautiful car for the prom of our young Master D. Your car helped to make his special day memorable. It is thanks to people like you that we can continue to make the dreams of so many children a reality. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making his prom something truly outstanding.

We have had a number of exciting events in July. We attended the 33rd annual Hollowell Steam Rally and Heavy Horse Show, the Interact Group at Northampton Academy’s and the Rotary E-Club’s Latin and Ballroom Competition, the Hardwick Park Camping Trip and a number of presentations. We will tell you all about these events in the next issue of The Barton Today!

Our family caravan in Mablethorpe is also fully booked up by our amazing families for all of July and August! The caravan offers them a chance to get away and bond as a family, away from treatment and nasty needles. There is fishing, nature walks, an arcade, a water park, a beach nearby, nightly entertainment and so much for our warriors to enjoy. A special thanks goes out to the Birch family in memory of Cpl Marc Birch who helped make the purchase of this caravan possible. We hope to bring you some stories from families who went to the caravan in the next issue.

The Sporting Bears have also sponsored the NC TLC Trust for a Rockingham Race Day again this year on the 3rd of August. It will be a morning filled with fun, excitement and super cars that our families will get to race around in! Thank you for your continued support Andrew Lake and Sporting Bears!


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