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visited Franklin's Gardens where Northampton Saints Rugby Club offered their support

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In loving memory of Marc Birch

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Did you know that every day 10 families in the UK are told that one of their children has cancer

NC TLC Trust is a Northampton based children cancer charity dedicated to supporting families living with Tumours, Leukaemia and other cancers. We provide practical and emotional support from the point of diagnosis. We want to be ‘With you all the way’.

The charity was set up by families undergoing treatment in Northamptonshire and surrounding areas and is unique in that is run by likeminded people supporting each other and forming new friendships along the way.


What makes NC TLC Trust unique?

  • We give practical advice and support to families
  • We provide financial help towards the high costs of hospital visits (ie. parking cost, accommodation)
  • We offer a support network of other families going through similar situations
  • Life enhancing “Days to Remember”
  • Holidays in our charity caravan in East Sussex
  • We pay for the things the families cannot , such as wigs for teenage girls etc..
  • Providing counselling and psychotherapy by qualified Family Support Worker
  • Funding cranial osteopathy carried out by qualified osteopaths from

We rely on donations to support our activities as we are a non-profit making organization.

Any donations can also be  forwarded directly to the charity’s account:

Bank name: Santander

Account name: NC TLC Trust

Account number: 902 862 90

Sort code: 09-01-27